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I call myself an Energetic Stepping and Wholeness Counselor. I am here to bring you back into balance through sound that is called Sacred Crystal Sound.

By bringing yourself back 'home', back to Love, you are not only taking care of yourself. You will also have an immediate effect on your surroundings, your environment, the external World. The road to happiness is different for everybody, we all have our own journeys. Yes, it can be a long and difficult road but once you are on it and look back you can see yourself blossom, you start to look at yourself and the World outside of you in a healthier and in a more understanding way. What is more beautiful than this?

Go on a journey to become Wholeness of your Spiritual Nature, Wholeness of your True State of Life or Wholeness of your company.

By being Love, you are being Whole and to bring you into Wholeness I offer several methods by either Spiritual and Intuitive Counselling, sound treatments and also by using intermediaries such as channelling Spirit and Collective(s).

Energetic work is to bring balance into your body, into your life. Energy healing happens in the now.

Step into different dynamics, step into shifting within yourself, a step to go forward. Step forward and let's get back on track!

Since May 2018 I am working together with crystals and sound with a method called Sacred Crystal Sound and I came to this by undergoing a Quantum Healing Hypnoses Treatment. Sacred Crystal Sound is a sound treatment that comes from the time period of Atlantis, it is back again as humanity and our consciousness is ready to receive this treatment.

This method is to re-lax/re-balance/re-energize the body and mind which is very much needed at this moment as much is going on in the world. In the midst of all the turm-oil it is even more important to take care of ourselves, to put ourselves as a first priority, bring ourselves into balance and stay balanced.

What is Sacred Crystal Sound?


That which is whole, complete and still.


Crystals and other stones help focus the effect.


Human generated sound that fits and links with the stone. Through a specific method this sound becomes sacred or whole. For each stone there is a unique sound and each practitioner has their unique sets of sounds and stones.


The purpose of the treatment (45-90 minutes) is to give a unique and very deeply relaxing experience to the client. It is so deep that re-balancing effects naturally occur in the body-mind/emotion-spiritual layers of the client. Who does it? The client's higher self or wise aspect. The treatment modality merely provides the opportunity or a sacred environment for it. It operates beyond intellect. This process is resurfacing again and has been practiced in the earlier part of Atlantis and also in Mu. All kinds of mind boggling higher states of awareness experiences have come up in the clients with this. This is possible because you are a whole and cosmic being.