Becoming a SCS practitioner

Creator of the Treatment

Patrick is the creator of the treatment, finding out through an Akashic reading years ago. Patrick was then been asked about treatments in those ancient days and this came up.

If your soul truly calls for learning this method

If your soul truly calls for this, then send Patrick a private message and leave your email address. Patrick will then contact you and discuss the next steps.

The training is one-on-one only! No group training as each person is unique with their sounds that fit to their stones. Selection of the stones, the unique sounds and the actual treatment method is taught in this practitioner course. To learn the method takes about 8 -10 lessons (one per week) at about 75 minutes each. In between there is the practice period at their home. Most lessons can be given over the Internet. I give the last part (1-2 lessons) in person and therefore the person must be willing to travel to come and visit me (likely in Switzerland or Central America). This graduation part is short, about 2-3 days only.

Oneness Remembered - Patrick Moulin