Royal Treatments


A Royal Treatment is a form of Sacred Crystal Sound where 2 (or more) practitioners will be giving a treatment at the same time. At this given moment in time, I work with 1 other person which makes it a Royal Treatment performed by 2 practitioners at the same time. In person and on distance.

Royal Treatments in person
I work together with my sister and colleague Linda Dekker, we treat together one client in the surroundings of the Rotterdam area in The Netherlands. Please contact me to find out when I am in The Netherlands. 

Linda her website is

Royal Treatments on distance
As Peter and I live in different parts of Switzerland and we both offer treatments on distance, it is possible for us to give you a treatment at the same time practiced from our own homes. One of us will be in contact with you to set up a date and time, and/or stay connected with you by phone/computer throughout the treatment.

This form of treatment can be used and practiced for anybody in the world. Also, even for upcoming mom’s who will require some help in giving birth.