SCS Group Treatments

Group treatments, from 2 persons up to 10 persons, are available in person.

The power and energy that is being released during a group treatment is strong! The more people attending, the stronger the energy - this because you are all working together to balance yourself individually but also others who are in the group at the same time. You are changing your mental/emotional/spiritual/physical bodies and overall consciousness. You do this in a team - Great team work! 

In most cases a space will need to be rented, I can come over to you or we will find a location somewhere in between that works for all. 

Examples of group treatment:
- Couples (also for pregnant women)
- Young mothers 
- Friends
- Family (children from 10 years onward)
- Colleagues
- Women and men who would like to work on balancing the Feminine Energies with the Masculine Energies within themselves and overall

Please check under 'SCS' to see for whom this treatment is recommended, and can be helpful for (in case of illness) together with the guidelines before the treatment takes place.