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Sacred Crystal Sound is accessible for almost everyone, please have a look in the guidelines if you are alleged to receive treatment.

There is much where Sacred Crystal Sound can help but understand that this method is not a medical alternative treatment. As I, and other practitioners, are out of control what happens during a session we are also not able to guarantee what will happen nor can we guarantee if any issues, dis-eases, complications etc will disappear and/or will be solved.

We are not responsible for any outcome and/or emotions that might be released after the treatment.

Recommendation is to have multiple sessions, taking place on a weekly or bi-weekly basis depending what your body and mind requires. The number of treatments and the frequency will be determined during the first session. After the series of treatments have occurred, a monthly session is advised to maintain balance.

Your body/your system needs time to permeate as it comes down from an energetically level to the physical level and this takes several days. Your physical body communicates with your mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. Your body knows, your body knows more than you think it does. Rely and trust what it does and what it will require. Sacred Crystal Sound works on the central nervous system and auto-regulate the system.

Each session/treatment is different as the body changes by the day.

One of the ways to receive Sacred Crystal Sound is in person, 1 to 1. When you are either located in Switzerland or visiting the country for holidays or business, you will be able to receive a treatment in person. Depending where you are in Switzerland, I will be able to do the treatment at your home/hotel or at my home. When the distance between both locations will be too far or due to time restrictions, a treatment on distance is advised.

Examples where Sacred Crystal Sound can help; 

❤ Anxiety

❤ Burn-out

❤ Depression

❤ Fibromyalgia symptoms

❤ Mid-life crisis

❤ Migraine

❤ Physical symptoms (incl. broken bones, cysts)

❤ Pregnant women to bond together with unborn child(ren) or to help speeding up with the birth

❤ Stress

❤ Trauma

❤ Wishes to become pregnant


· Pace-maker, since it is a device it may not be recommended but please check with your Doctor first. It is also up to us practitioners to be intuitive on this and decide whether the client should receive a session

· Heart attack, if the person is not in medical treatment anymore and has resumed his/her life receiving a treatment is possible. Also here, it is also up to us practitioners to be intuitive on this and decide whether the client should receive a session

· For the ones with a high blood pressure, taking medications or in treatment with a Doctor, please check with your Doctor first.

· For the ones who are depressed, we are able to give you a treatment when not too much medication is being taken

· Unfortunately we are not able to treat schizophrenic patients

· This treatment can be given to pregnant women, but not (too) shortly before the due date and your child/children will need to give permission as well in order to this treatment together. We are able to give treatments early in the pregnancy.

· Minimum age is 10, a younger age is not advisable as the bodies are not (fully) developed

· For children below 18 years old, will require a parental confirmation or guidance (especially the first time)

· In agreement with the Doctor, clients with cancer are able to receive Sacred Crystal Sound 1:1 or Royal, while in process of receiving chemo and/or radiation treatments.