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My name is Cindy and I call myself an Energetic Stepping and Wholeness Counselor. I am a mixture of Dutch and Chinese descent.

I remember being a child and that I could ‘see’ the areas of anger, pain, hurt and so on in people’s bodies with my physical eyes. I somehow understood what happened/the situation they were in and I would make suggestions what they could do differently to break their Karmic Wheel. Well.. adults in particular do not like to be told by a child and especially not when this child is pointing out very sore and personal points 😊

What followed was plenty of unpleasant situations, life-experiences, encounters of receiving hatred and building layers and layers of guilt, insecurity, fear, doubt, not being worthy, being kept small etc etc. while trying to shut down this ability. Throughout my adult life I still could feel what people felt about something, someone, myself or how they were doing themselves that day, but I did not see this as a gift – it was more of a curse to me. Why did I feel this and someone else not? Could they not see what kind of consequences something had by making a certain choice of behavior and/or words? What was the reason for me to see this?

Although having the belief that life is all about suffering, life on Earth is nothing to be happy about, I did have a very deep feeling and knowing somewhere within me that it is possible to live in a harmonious way. All of us together. A place where people are able to be understanding and loving toward themselves and others. But why did I not experience this myself and had much to suffer? And why would I choose to suffer in the first place? Being discriminated being female, being discriminated because of my looks/my background. Being blamed for when others were suffering, experiencing sexual intimidation. It was all within me, subconscious blocks that would attract just that; negativity and suffering.

Somewhere in 2014, one of my friends asked me if I wanted to join a certain meditation class. It was not really a question, it was more of a gentle request 😊 I had no idea what meditation was, I was not interested in it but as I have always been a person who is interested in learning new things I thought I would do this course just to add to my resume. Once I started, I discovered that I did not like to meditate as thoughts were coming up all the time and it was hard for me to focus on my heart as I was going up into my mind all the time. Only 2 years after taking this class I learnt that this meditation method is very much of a different meditation style than any other one. It is where you learn to traverse through frequencies. And I initially thought that everyone who meditated, did this in the same way as I learnt! We learnt to traverse through different frequencies, we leave our body to visit other dimensions. Eventually I started to like it, little did I know that this course came out very handy for me.

In meantime, the older that I became I started to have the understanding that by changing my mindset I change my/the External World.

Early 2017, I learnt through automatic writing that Higher Consciousness does exist. I asked my own main guide to come through my arm to write and draw something for me. The meditation class that I have done years prior, helped me out a lot as I had the experience already to get out of my physical body. I wondered, when I can let Higher Consciousness take over my arm – why not my entire body? So I tried.. and it worked! In May 2017, I learnt that my body is able to let Higher Conscious come in. It started with my own main guide Carole, followed by my Spirit Team Carla. I call them a group of therapists who look at us from a higher perspective and look at our life experiences/struggles from a different angle. Letting us see it from a positive point of view, full of life lessons. Carla is here to be of service to humanity and work together with the client on mental health. Giving guidance, offering a different view from a higher perspective, let us become self-aware and let us be able to move forward.

By becoming self-aware we are able to choose the right words, to decide to do or not to do in order to create a different outcome and not to repeat the past. In October 2017, during the day at work I received a message from a Spirit that was not familiar to me. It was good energy as it sent me so much Love that I physically was not able to coop with it and I started to cry. The message that I received was: “Embrace everything, embrace all that comes onto your path, negative and positive.” Close to midnight I felt that this particular Spirit wanted to come through my body and I decided to give this Spirit a few minutes. I could feel that my body started to move/behave in a way that is not me at all. Very feminine, soft, playful and gentle. My voice started to change, and this Spirit started to sing a song “Happy Birthday Mr President”. I could not believe it and Marilyn decided to continue singing the song over and over again until I surrendered and acknowledged that it was her.

Since Marilyn more of her famous female friends approached me such as Ava Gardner, Judy Garland and Elizabeth Taylor. They all talk through my body, leaving message behind of how they felt in their lives and want to shine a different light on their journey. They are here to bring in the Feminine Energies, to balance the Masculine and Feminine Energies within us and on the planet. To share their life experiences and that we are able to choose a different route than they did. Also, they share their experiences about Hollywood. While channeling them, I do not necessarily receive very personal details such as how they lived, the name of their pet if they have any and so on. I do not receive this kind of information as this is in our eyes also not important to know, it does not have any added value. I do feel what they felt during particular moments – not always and maybe that channel is not yet fully open to me – but they are able to share what the higher purpose is of what they have achieved or experienced in life.

In 2019, more Spirit came through and I started to channel other beings from a Higher Consciousness. Also only Feminine Energies such as Goddess Isis, Mother Mary, Guan Yin etc. As myself and my team Carla are here for mental health, these ladies and other beings that I trance-channel are going into that same direction too – our mental state.

But before my body was able to coop with their (higher) level of energy and consciousness and to leave behind their messages, I had to go through a great deal of emotional and mental cleansing. Since I left the Corporate World towards the end of 2017, I dedicated more than a full year to myself where I mainly cried and slept. Letting go of many old patterns, from myself but also from my parents and ancestors, finding back the trust again of what I feel is correct as I let that be taken away when I was a child. The more I cleanse; the more beings are able to come through my body. It is very important to me that I keep removing and cleansing myself to keep myself/my body as clean as possible for Spirit to leave messages behind as clear as possible.

In 2018, I learnt to work with energies in a different way. I found out that I connect to crystals and sound as well. The method I am using is called Sacred Crystal Sound and I came to this method by doing a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Treatment. Sacred Crystal Sound is a sound treatment that comes from the time period of Atlantis and is back as humanity and our consciousness is ready to receive this treatment again.

This method is to re-lax/re-balance/re-energize the body and mind. I have no control of what is going to happen, neither does your mind. It is your body that decides where the energies go to and move into the emotional/mental/spiritual layers – which can have an influence on your physical body as well. The only requirement for this treatment is to relax, the more relaxed the body is, the deeper the treatment will be.

I offer the sound treatment in person, 1 to 1 and on distance. I connect with my clients through either phone or pc, with or without sound. The ones based in the US or Latin-America I treat them during their sleep as this is the moment when the body is the most relaxed. I also start to give group treatments, from 2 to 10 persons in person.

I work together with my sister who is based in The Netherlands, to give Royal Treatments where we treat a client in person together. For remote sessions, I work with a colleague also based in Switzerland and we do the treatments from our own homes.

On my You-Tube Channel “Blue Lotus” you will find several messages from my own Spirit team Carla, female celebrities between 1930-1960 and Goddesses. Also, conversations that I have with my friend and colleague in Atlanta, Georgia incl. interviews with my own teacher and a psychotherapist about Sacred Crystal Sound and Sacred Auto Tuning.

For more information please have a look at my other website and YT Channel: 

Channeling work: http: http://www.channelingcarla.com/

You-Tube Channel: Blue Lotus 


About myself

Cindy holds a Bachelor within Office Management; having working experiences in several branches within the Corporate World and in different European countries.

During her time within the Corporate World she came across many different personalities, different ways of working and different ways of thinking which raised her interest to study Psychology as a hobby and not to take this into an official profession as she realized that her understanding of Psychology is different than what could be found within books.

After following several classes, workshops in Europe and US, reading different books on spirituality Cindy decided to meditate and work on herself. By working on herself intensely by looking into her own patterns, belief systems and subconscious blocks she started to understand that life, life experiences, human beings and our bodies are more complex than what she had been taught in school, or from her parents, etc. In fact, that is where the confusion and limitations come from.

On March 2017 she discovered her ability to trance-channel, knowing that her team is a great group of teachers who wish to spread the love to as many people as possible in order to create a wonderful and peaceful world. 
On May 2018, Cindy started her journey into energetic work and followed a course to work with crystals in the Sacred Crystal Sound Treatment.  Cindy is the first (to be educated as a) Sacred Crystal Sound practitioner in Switzerland!
She is still determined to grow, expand and curious as to what else she can learn and share with others.