SCS on distance

Experience Sacred Crystal Sound on distance! It is no longer a requirement to do this treatment in person, it can also be done on distance. And great experiences have been made already.

For this treatment please be aware of the following: 

  • There are 3 methods to do this treatment on distance:
    • Connect through either Skype, Zoom or Whatsapp
    • Connect through audio only
    • No connection at all
  • When connection is required from the side of the client, know that sound disturbance can occur. It is normal that electronic transmission reduces the clarity of the sounds and internet 'swallows' the sound
  • When no connection is required from the side of the client, make yourself as comfortable as possible and give yourself time to rest for an extra 15-20 minutes after the treatment
  • As I will not be in the room, you are required to make yourself as comfortable and relax as possible. A pillow underneath your head, blanket and or a pillow underneath your knees when available.
  • Be in a quiet room where you will be able to relax, preferably lying down. You can even be in the office and in a meeting room! As long it is quiet.
  • In any case, do not be distracted by either phone, tv, watching movies or doing heavy daily business as the mind will district the treatment
  • Before scheduling a date and time, I will require a picture of you where your face is visible. A full picture of yourself or only of your face are both oke, as long it is in color
  • I will require your full name
  • Prices will depend on the place where you live, please mention to me in which Country and/or State you live
  • For any other guidelines such as pace-makers, medications, pregnancy please check under the tab SCS