I recently contracted COVID-19 and was experiencing a high fever and very painful nerve twitching body ache all over for a few days. Even taking painkillers didn't help much in terms of getting relief from these symptoms. Cindy gave me two sessions of sound treatment remotely, which helped me immensely in overcoming these COVID-19 related health challenges. Upon receiving the first session from Cindy, I immediately experienced very noticeable improvements and became almost symptom free just from receiving the first session, so much so that I didn't feel I needed to take medication any longer in order to "manage" these symptoms to get by. Instead, I could feel my body was getting the support it needed and was well on its way to heal itself and recover. 

In addition to getting relief from the psychical symptoms, Cindy also offered very valuable energetic insights from her intuitive abilities, which also greatly helped me navigate through the recovery process in addition to the physical aspects.

I would highly recommend Cindy's sound treatment services to anyone who believes they deserve the support they need.

Melissa, Taiwan

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In the last few weeks since I have received the Sacred Crystal Sound Royal Treatment on distance, I have had such a calmness come about me. I am much more in tune with my inner being and I do not react like I used too. I feel like I am in total control of my emotions....which is bazaar because I used to be much more reactive!! I feel so calm and as if things are always working out for me.

Thank you Peter and Cindy! 

Mrs. Schafer, Florida, USA

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"I booked the session with Cindy because I was curious about the crystals - and longing for some peace and clarity. And it did exactly what I needed: During the session, I already felt more calm, more at peace, more grounded. I felt like I was in a warm cloud, surrounded by love. The session with Cindy helped me to be more centered again, to let go of the doing and enjoy the being. I was extremely grateful and happy afterwards, felt light as a feather and was looking into the future with more trust and confidence."

Katrin, Switzerland

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"On Tuesday evening the 19th February 2019, I had my first Crystal Sound session which was also a Crystal Sound session on distance from Cindy. For me this was the first time to experience anything related to spirituality or energies, so I really had no idea what to expect. We started with a brief introduction of what I can expect. Basically you should do no nothing, the crystals will do everything, she said. I really had no clue what that meant... However, as soon as she started there was this overwhelming relaxing feeling. I can't remember much more from the sounds, because I fell asleep quite soon after she started. But I woke up super super relaxed.

Something happened at noon that day, before the session, what made me really frustrated. Each time I thought about it, I got upset. However, when I thought about it after the Crystal session I really didn't care about it at all. It was sooo unexpected, because normally I would get the same frustration again and I'm quite an over-thinker and worrier. But I really didn't care, it felt soooo good! (I still don't, such a super good sign!!)

Also the day after, I felt super relaxed. I have never been stoned in my life, but I believe the feeling is quite similar...

To me the Crystal Sound Session was really a session that shifts your (negative) energy to positive energy or energy where it is needed...it balances out the energies in your body and soul..

Would I recommend it? To everyone!!!! ❤️"

E. from The Netherlands

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"Not knowing what to expect I waited to see what Sacred Crystal Sound treatment would mean for me. As soon as I heard the subtle tone of Cindy’s singing I knew that I was in for an experience. Within minutes I was immersed in my own cocoon and soon started to drift into an elevated state of mind that was no longer in the room, surrounded by the protection of the crystals and the tones of a mystical voice. It is an experience that you cannot miss."

Mr M.

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"In meantime I have had 2 treatments with My Sacred Crystals. The first one was a normal treatment and the second a Royal treatment. By having these sessions I have noticed many positive changes within my body. These treatments give me an inner calmness and things happen much smoother in life. Physical symptoms that I "had" actually have started to be addressed WITHOUT having to use medication and that was what I wanted to achieve."

With love, Anju

Antwerp, Belgium

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"Plötzlich lag ich in einer erfüllten Stille. Es war so, als ob ein sicherer, unendlich friedlicher Raum entstanden ist. Zu Beginn war ich noch der Töne gewahr, dann spürte ich hin und wieder etwas in meinem Körper tun, ein Kribbeln, ein feines Zucken und dann war ich nur noch, bekam aber nichts mehr wirklich mit. Nach der Sitzung fühlte sich mein Körper an, als ob sich auf verschiedenen Ebenen viel verändert hätte, etwas Schwere, mit viel Ruhe. In den nächsten Tagen waren deutliche Veränderungen in der Befindlichkeit wahrzunehmen, leichter, beschwingter. Eine zauberhafte Erfahrung - in eine andere Sphäre abgeholt - die an Kraft wohl unermesslich ist. Höchst und jedem zu empfehlen!“

J.P. aus der Schweiz

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"Suddenly I lay in a fulfilled silence. It was as if a safe, infinitely peaceful space had been created. In the beginning I was still aware of the tones, then I could feel something happening in my body from time to time, a tingling sensation, a fine twitch, and then I was only there, but I didn't really notice anything anymore. After the session my body felt as if a lot had changed on different levels, somewhat heavy, with a lot of calm. In the following days there were noticeable changes in the state of mind, easier, more joyful. A magical experience - taken to another sphere - which is probably immeasurable in strength. Highest and to be recommended to everyone!“

J.P. from Switzerland

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My first Sacred Crystal Sound Treatment was a Royal Treatment. I felt calm, peaceful and relaxed. I slept very well during the night and woke up relaxed and energized. At work I was able to continue to keep the relaxed feeling and the level of stress that I normally would have was lower. I recommend every one to have at least one (Royal) Treatment!

Angela J. in The Netherlands

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Hi! I would like to share my experience with my recent Sacred Crystal Sound treatment done by Cindy Dekker! I had no idea what to expect and was pleasantly surprised with what I experienced. During the treatment, I was very relaxed, I saw colours, mostly pink and blue, as if I was seeing these through akaleidoscope. It was all very nice and very relaxing! Thank you Cindy for your time and the very relaxed feeling I had after the treatment!! A treatment I would for sure recommend!  :-)

Hanny K. in The Netherlands

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I got treatment twice from Cindy, the interesting thing is when she was singing, I could 'see' which stone is singing. 
The second treatment was similar as the first one, I fell asleep fairly soon, but woke up before she came back to me. During the treatment, it felt like there is a protection sphere made from the crystals. When she removed her crystals, I could feel it, the invisible protection wall is gone with her removing... Nice experience.

X.Chen in Switzerland

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